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This site is a portfolio of Hendra Yulisman. You can also contact me via the following social media.

About Me

I am very interested in writing articles, both academic articles and non-academic articles. My interest in writing started when I learned about the Blogger platform. The first blog that I created, and I still use it as a medium for my writing is Jak Belajar, a blog that contains information about biology, education, and technology. Furthermore, at the end of my undergraduate semester, I began to learn about academic articles, such as journals and proceedings. As for my first academic article, it was a proceeding that published at a national conference. The results of my writing can be read through Google Scholar and ResearchGate.
My experience in developing learning activities was obtained from several phases. The first phase was my experience helping lecturers in teaching courses on the use of IT in learning. The second phase was my experience working in a training center for teacher professional improvement. Finally, the third phase is my experience working in a center of learning system development. Through the several phases that I have gone through, I am confident that my knowledge about the development of learning activities will always improve.


Awards that have been obtained in the academic and non-academic fields

LPDP Scholarship

Received the LPDP scholarship to study at Universitas Pendidikan Indoensia.

Best Academic Article

Receive awards as the author with the best articles at international conferences.

Blogging Contest

Received an award as a winner in a blog writing competition.

Previous Activities

Includes training activities for myself, teachers, lecturers, and the community